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Twinning Program Partners

Foundations for Asian Reformation is a twinning program in which Youth With A Mission – Penang partners University of the Nations with Faith International University to offer a United States Department of Education accredited Bachelor’s Degree while studying in Malaysia.

Year 1

1st Term:
Know God

Discipleship Training School Lecture Phase
(Begins 4th Monday of Feb)

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2nd Term:
Make God Known

Discipleship Training School Outreach
(Begins immediately after DTS lecture phase)

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3rd Term:
Know God’s Word

Discipleship Bible School
(Begins 3rd Monday of September)
Introductory Bible Course

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Year 2

4th Term:
Know God’s World

Asia Worldview School
(Begins 4th Monday of Feb)
Humanities and Science:  A Christian Perspective  

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5th Term:
Communicate God’s Word to God’s World 

Asia Messengers School
(Begins 2nd Monday of June)
Introduction to Communication     

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6th Term:
End Bible Poverty

Discipleship Bible School Outreach
(Begins immediately after 5th term)
Introductory Bible Course Field Assignment

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Year 3 + 4

Students will choose to study one of the following majors from Faith International University:

  1. Business
  2. Leadership
  3. Education
  4. Religion / Christian Studies 



Students learning Business will take 2 of the following (5 credit) courses for a total of (10 credits) each term (x 6 terms):

  • Introduction to Accounting*
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Communications
  • Business Law*
  • Business Ethics
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Managing Organizations
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Planning/Organizational Change
  • Ministry Portfolio
  • Business Integration and Analysis (Capstone)

* (We will bring in Malaysian professionals to introduce relevant material pertaining to business in Malaysia.)

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Students learning Leadership will take 2 of the following (5 credit) courses for a total of (10 credits) each term (x 6 terms):

  • Essentials of Christian Leadership
  • History and Foundations of Leadership
  • Leadership Theories and Models
  • Ethics and Leadership in Practice
  • Personal Leadership Assessment
  • Leadership and Conflict Transformation
  • Principles of Team Leadership
  • Organizational Envisioning
  • Christian Evidences/Apologetics
  • Survey of Church History
  • Ministry Portfolio
  • Leadership Integration and Analysis (Capstone)

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Students learning Education will take 2 of the following (5 credit) courses for a total of (10 credits) each term (x 6 terms):

  • History and Philosophy of Education
  • Learning Theories and Models
  • Introduction to Classical Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Curriculum Development and Assessment
  • Creative Teaching Methods
  • Education and Technology
  • Youth Development & Ministry
  • Education Policy and Administration
  • Leadership Theories & Models
  • Ministry Portfolio
  • Education Integration and Analysis (Capstone)

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Religion / Christian Studies

Students learning Religion / Christian Studies will take 2 of the following (5 credit) courses for a total of (10 credits) each term (x 6 terms):

  • Survey of Systematic Theology 1
  • Survey of Systematic Theology 2
  • Survey of Church History
  • Intro to Christian Ethics
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Christian Evidences / Apologetics
  • Comparative Religion
  • Leadership Theories & Models
  • Leadership & Conflict Transformation
  • Youth Development & Ministry
  • Ministry Portfolio
  • Religion / Christian Studies Integration & Analysis (Capstone)

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Orientation and Exams
All students will do a Faith International University online student orientation (5 credits) as an introduction to the second-half of the twinning program. Following the Discipleship Bible School students will take biblical knowledge exams in the Old Testament and the New Testament (10 credits each granting 20 credits total). The Ministry Portfolio summarizes learning from two aspects of the internships and field assignments for 10 credits.
Online Study
The above courses from Faith International University are online and designed for students in Christian ministry. Students are expected to join staff of Youth With A Mission – Penang during Year 3 & 4. This “learning while doing” creates an application-oriented education resulting in real-world skill development and experience.


Each term of 12 credits in the University of the Nations’ system and equals 15 credits at Faith International University. According to the FIU system, students will earn 90 credits from UofN and 90 credits from FIU. Upon completion of 180 credits with Faith International University students will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree.
Faith International University accepts transfer credits earned in Foundations for Asian Reformation’s UofN courses. FIU is a member of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS). TRACS is recognized by the United States Department of Education and the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education.


Year Term 1 & 4 Term 2 & 5 Term 3 & 6
Start Date 4th Monday of Feb 2nd Monday of June 3rd Monday of Sep*
2020 14 Sep – 4 Dec
2021 22 Feb – 14 May 14 Jun – 3 Sep 20 Sep – 10 Dec
2022 28 Feb – 20 May 13 Jun – 2 Sep 19 Sep – 9 Dec
2023 27 Feb – 19 May 12 Jun – 1 Sep 18 Sep – 8 Dec
2024 26 Feb – 17 May 10 Jun – 30 Aug 16 Sep – 6 Dec

*Starting in 2021

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