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Asian Reformation

Gain your Degree. Discover your Purpose. Make a Difference.

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impact while studying

You want to change the world – to have an impact – and you want a reputable education.

We help you do both.

Foundations for Asian Reformation will provide you a Bachelor of Arts degree from an accredited American university along with the opportunity to discover God’s purpose for your life.

You will make a difference as you “learn by doing” in your internships and outreaches.


Year 1 & 2
Study at University of the Nations with YWAM Penang.

Our Courses:

  • Know God & Make Him Known
  • God’s Word
  • God’s World
  • Communicate God’s Word to God’s World
  • Ending Bible Poverty Outreach

Year 3 & 4
Study online with Faith International University while serving in our YWAM community.

We prepare you to become a:

  • Business Owner and Entrepreneur
  • Leader and Manager
  • Teacher and Educator
  • Pastor and Missionary


Courses cost RM 6,000 per term. Total for a B.A. Degree is RM 72,000.
Courses include tuition, accommodation, and weekday meals.

Discounts and scholarships are available! (See FAQ)
Cost becomes RM 3,750 per term. Total for a B.A. Degree is RM 45,000!
Includes tuition, accommodation, and weekday meals!



Have you done a DTS? Do you want a UofN Degree?

Come join us for the Core Courses! God has given great content for UofN general education.

It includes:
1) Knowing God’s Word (DBS)
2) Knowing God’s World (Asia Worldview School)
3) Communicating God’s Word to God’s World (Asia Messengers School)

Are you a YWAMer wanting an accredited degree?
There are three easy steps:
1) Study with us in Asian Ref
2) Transfer credits to FIU
3) Study while serving God with us!

FIU provides the degree; UofN Penang provides great community where you serve God while you finish your degree.

FIU offers an amazing discount and partnership when you serve on staff with us in Penang!


There are 12 million college-age Christians in S.E. Asia.

Do you want to train them? Of course!

How? Offer UofN core courses AT YOUR BASE!

We can help! Hybrid courses synthesize tech and live-learn to multiply UofN courses.
We provide lectures and homework.
You provide housing and community life. Together we make more disciples!

Education that brings reformation

Be a light to asia

Our hybrid DBS (Discipleship Bible School) begins September 14. We will offer it in-person at our Penang location. In response to COVID-19, we will also offer it virtually.

Out of love for our community and honor for our government, we will obey the laws, keep our class sizes small, create multi-room classes should the need arise, and offer virtual ways to cover the material.